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LOVE to drive with Hershey in the passenger seat just to see people smile at him enjoying the breeze.
4 year old asks me as I'm handing items to check out lady,
"moma, can I use your cam-ra?"
(I gladly had over the phone to the sweet, busy 4 year old that had just tried to jump from the side of the counter into the cart!)
Doesn't everyone use their phone as a mirror. Please tell me I'm not the only one??

 Watching the boys practice football. Bonus! Our Freshman and our 4th grader are practicing on the same field. That-never-happens.
Favorite small town pizza place. I had the Bacon, onion, tomato. Yummy!
AND my favorite picture on my phone received this week via text message...
I'm at football practice. My husband calls upon looking at dinner in the oven-
Me: Hello-
Husband: What is this dinner?
Me: Didn't you read the blawg??
Husband: Yeah, I did. What is it??
Me: [Flustered and stammering a bit.] It, it's that pork herb thing. I've made it before. You like it-
Husband: [Monotone.] I think it's burnt. 
Me: It can't be burnt! I've made it before and I didn't change a thing. It was in for exactly one hour then the oven was set to keep it warm at 200. 200 will not burn it-
Husband: Yeah. The oven says 200.
Me: [completely irritated my dinner might be burned] Send me a picture!
Husband: K-

We ate it. It was dry.

Have a good weekend.


Hershey's Moma


  1. fun photos!! hooray for pizza lunch!
    and i totally do the face check. shhhh.


  2. Ha! I use my phone all the time to check my face :) I can't wait for football...we're planning on checking out on of our HS games. Pizza at small of my favs. I loved reading that conversation between you and your hubby...priceless.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. the face check trick is awesome. i look forward having a smarter phone so i can send photos of my thrifty finds and get his approval for purchace! :)

    happy weekend to you!

  4. your photos are fun. i totally use my camera as a mirror. i also burn dinner (sometimes when i am using my camera as a mirror).

  5. I am terrible taking photos of myself so can't use it as a mirror. Sorry about your dinner.



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