A Heritage

I am from a winding creek with a cow pasture in between.
A tri-level custom home, shag carpet and wallpaper.

 From a big wheel, cabbage patch doll I [re]named Megan, Nancy Drew, 
and slap jack until my hands were red.  

 From Autumn joy sedum, snapdragons, and a weeping willow. 
A fence line with a pussy willow, fresh eggs from the neighbor boy 10 cents a dozen 
and a full summer garden with popcorn one season. 

 A Bible belt American Baptist.
From all life's answers are found in the Bible to you reap what you sow.
I am from attending church every time the doors are open 
with yeast donuts in fellowship hall after a baptism.

 Homemade birthday dinners, Lemon Meringue Pies and melt in your mouth yeast rolls.

 I am from a family of 3 brothers making a neighborhood of 9 boys and 1 girl (my age). 
 Cul-de-sac kick ball, front yard dodge ball before the school bus came with the front porch being 'base'.
            "Let's meet at the field for 2 hand touch football", 
swinging from vines dropping into the creek,
 bike riding over town buying the forbidden candy cigarettes and Frosty Boy. 
Hide-n-go seek after sunset and coming home when the street lights came on. 

 From nightly Dining Room dinners. Chicken and noodles eating from noodles that had been rolled out on the table thinly sliced to dry all day. Canned garden veggies all winter long. From lobster boils on New Year's Eve with shrimp cocktail and a mean homemade shrimp cocktail sauce served alongside. 

From a Bible study leading, Sunday School teaching, Homeless Shelter preaching, Fast pitch softball playing, 
Little League Baseball coaching, 
cancer survivor. 

From the SAHM, Children's Bible Study Fellowship Leader (25 years!), Sunday School Teacher, Precepts leader, needle point sewer, book reader, babysitter, housekeeper and homemade dinner cook.

I am from Colt's training camp watching, autograph collecting. 
I am from curlers under the dryer and nails painted. Bonfires at the farm,  
State Park RV camping, early rising for 'our seats' at The Donut Shop, 
 getting in the beans and riding in the back of the truck to the grain elevator.

I am from bird watching, big laughing, Smokey Mountain Camping, late night talking, bright jewelry wearing, brightly colored make up wearing beauty with an apostolic preachers daughter neighbor girl who wanted to be just like her when she grew up.

I would love to hear your heritage...


Hershey's Moma

Idea for this post found here.
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  1. I love it! This was wonderful to glad you post. Quite a few of these take me back. Thanks for sharing and letting us into your heritage.

  2. what a fun post! love the reference to the cabbage patch :) !!



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