From pin board to chalkboard.

Okay, I think Pinterest is PG 13. 
And in our house we have a PG 13 rule.
That rule started about 3 years ago now when our oldest was in 6th grade.
If what you are going to say, play or do is considered PG 13 [by Moma's standards] then 
don't do it in front of the littles...

It is a way to honor their youth.
Please let the littles be and stay littles for as long as they can.
Innocence is special.

I follow the PG 13 rule too.
While I'm on Pinterest.
I don't scroll through it in front of the kids.
(any of them, even our 14 year old)
There is one exception-
if I'm on my boards.

So the other day I was scrolling through my 'for the house' 
while our oldest was looking over it with me.
When he saw the 'we do' board he asked me to stop scrolling.
He read it aloud and said, "I like that. It is just like us..."

I like it too.
I pulled in the ladder from the garage, erased the chalkboard above our pantry door and wrote out what we do;

I think I should add to the list
We do PG 13...

What do you think?


Hershey's Moma


  1. Those are perfect we do's!! and I love the chalk board! =) we do all those things too... I think having a reminder is great...hm.....

  2. NO. WAY!!! I am working on making my own version of this very sign that I saw on etsy!! see....we'd toats be friends in real life :) I love it--we do pg 13. add it b/c that's what makes it personal (i'm adding 'we do sorrys')
    happy tues! <3

  3. i love that list too. :)

    i also SO agree with protecting the youth of our children. i can't tell you how many times i've been to a PG13 movie at a theater where *young* kids have been sitting near me.

    it's all i can do to not say something to the parents that have brought them....images just stick in their little minds so much.



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