Football 2 a days.

 Football season always seems to sneak up on us. Each year we are 
molding the mouth guard late at night before practice the next morn. Without fail.
my freshman 5 foot 11 1/2 (taller than his daddy by 1/2 an inch now) and 150 lbs.
This year was no exception. 


Hershey's Moma


  1. ;) can't wait for those days! enjoy them....I'm imagining you to be quite the cheerleader mom in the stands!

  2. I love football. We are hoping that Caleb will love it too :) Your guy will do awesome this season I'm sure.

  3. We will get hot!!! If for some reason we miss each other or end up running seperately (because I'm slow, seriously over 10 min. miles at this point), I am so glad you committed to do the half marathon.
    I usually dress 10 degrees warmer than the temp is called for. So if it's to be 70 that morning, I'll dress like it's 80. I won't wear my race shirt for the race. I usually just wear whatever t-shirt is clean! Ha! I can guarantee it'll be short sleeved unless the temp is in the 40's, which I doubt. Then after the race, after I've showered, I'll wear my race shirt!



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