A craft area. Complete. {week 30}

Before I left for New York last Thursday I got the nesting urge. 
Because the plan was to have babysitters come during the day to help with the children I felt like I needed to make sure the kitchen
 was completely in order including all of the drawers
I started the week cleaning out all of the drawers. They were stuffed full!
I worked my way through them all including the 4 junk drawers and 4 craft drawers.
I narrowed down the junk drawers to just 1 (!) and then I couldn't decide what to do with the craft supplies.
a birthday cake she painted a few weeks ago now for Papaw's 60th
On Wednesday I made a run for T.J. Maxx. I didn't really have this piece of furniture in mind when I saw it. I passed it by. As our daughter turned and saw it she stopped in her tracks.
"Moma, a perfect table for my craft area. See the letters mom? It will work!"
 We brought it home and put it in the area between the kitchen and the great room. She is loving having an area to store all of her crafting supplies and do her art work.
 And I love that she picked it out herself! (plus I have extra drawers free in my kitchen now!)
 She loves it so much she dusts it and [re] organizes it many times a day. :)

Hershey's Moma

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  1. I know it may sound strange but I adore her! She just is a wise woman in a little body and I think it's wonderful. Great find...it makes the perfect craft area.



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