Come sit beside me and talk.

Seriously. This is a serious talk. Because I just walked in the door from the parent meeting at school. I want to tell you some things to expect for this year. So settle in beside me, eat a little more of your plain cheeseburger and...
pay attention. Moma, you have little holes in the middle of the flowers on your shirt. 
(great diversion tactic)
Yes, yes I do. However, we are going to talk about school time now.
(this is really more of a conversation for me then her so between you and me we will call it moma talk therapy...)
She settles, knees turned towards mine and all goofiness set aside. She listens.
The speech begins-
Here is the deal for you and school this year:
Remember back to last year?
You went to school 2 full days a week.
You stayed all day. You ate your lunch. You went to different classes with different teachers for each one. Then moma would home school you on the other days of the week. You did great. We called it Kindergarten. But because you have a summer birthday you had just turned 5 a few weeks before school started. You weren't quite old enough to go to Kindergarten. You missed the cut off by 20 days. I know you don't really understand this. So we can just call last year Pre-Kindergarten if you need to or we can call it your 5 year old Kindergarten. Now you are 6. 
This year you are going 5 days a week; to Kindergarten without home schooling. 
And I know you really want to go to school all day just like your older brothers do but really
 we Moma isn't even close to ready for that. 
You will have one home room teacher.
There are 9 other friends in your class. 
P.E., Music, Spanish, Technology, Art and Library are your specials. 

So you will be in school 5 half days. Hold up your fingers.
Now, we will call your thumb day number one, or Monday. 
You will be in school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Wiggle those fingers as I say the day of the week. Okay, now go back to the Wednesday finger.
On Wednesday something special is going to happen. 
You will go an hour early.
(her eyes light up and she grins from ear to ear as she asks, for what?)
An hour early so you can have time to eat in the cafeteria with all of the other children and then you will play outside for recess!
(complete excitement as I thought there would be)

AND your teacher made a special necklace for you to wear.
She did? (!) How did you get that??
I met your teacher this morning.
She tries it on and immediately takes it off. 
As she walks down the hallway to her room she says in a sing songy voice,
I'm gonna hang it on my door.
How many more days until I go to school?

And as she comes out of her room and back down the hall towards me-
Why do I have to only bring in fruit for snack?
Oh! Fruit snack is only called fruit snack but you can certainly bring in vegetables if you want.

She settles in on the floor next to me pulling out her alphabet cards to practice putting in order.
She is good and ready for Kindergarten.
(and now I am too...)
She is going to have a great year!


Hershey's Moma


  1. adorable! she is so ready for kindergarten, smart lil thing :)

  2. You're such a good Moma! She is going to have a wonderful year because you've given her a great foundation. Jamison made the cut off for Kindergarten by one day when she went.



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