Celebrating our summer 'lasts'.

Summer is almost over. We are tired. (my husband typed that last sentence as I left the screen unattended for a minute and I would have to agree with him!) We've watched the sunsets across the water, made the s'mores, done the lemonade stand, taken time to read, to smell the flowers, bake cakes, had coffee with a friend, watched the stars come out finding the big dipper but not the little, and we've even done nothing for awhile.

It was our 'last' trip to the big pool today with Daddy.  We did the lazy river in between going down the slides and diving into the dive pool. And while Daddy was with our middle son going down the to big slides for our littlest 2 I headed over to the stepping stone area at the bottom of the slide pool. The wobbly stepping stone area across the 3 feet of water with ropes strung overhead for gripping was made harder since the last time we were there. They removed one of the stepping stones. I went across it. My husband didn't believe me when I told him. Really I will do anything to get my kids to not be afraid of something new. Our daughter was cheering wildly from the edge of the pool, "you made it, you made it!" I loved glancing over my shoulder as I wobbled on the last stone and caught a glance at her huge grin. Our littlest one was sitting on the edge still scared stiff. He will grow in stature and in confidence. I'm sure he will give it a try next summer. And I will cheer wildly from the edge of the pool.

And as we've been celebrating our 'lasts' of summer the kids minds are turning more toward what we can look forward to for fall. The kids have each taken their turn adding their ideas. From their perspective it will feel like our fall if we are sure to have a bonfire at Nana and Papaw's (they call it Papaw's bonfire),  play at the park, go bowling as a family, swim in the indoor pool and of course attend football games.

Before we do that we'll finish enjoying our summer lasts.

Coffee with a friend, Norma's New York City 2011

Hershey's Moma

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