4 days into the school year-

 4 days into the school year and I made it 3 days going to the bus stop without my jammies on. Our 14 year old looked over at me this morning giving me the 'eye' as he says, "I thought you had to get a run in today." Yeah, I do. Don't worry sweetie, I won't run in my flannel pajamas. That is where Moma draws the line. The flannel jammies benefited our 4 year old though. I'm sure they are more snuggly then running clothes any way- (67 degrees here this morning and it feels like 40 to us!)
The laundry is starting to pile onto the couch at the end of my bed.
(can we still be friends?)

 4 year old doesn't mind at.

But if I don't find little miss her favorite new socks she wore yesterday and wants to wear to school today we could be in trouble!
(it's her first day!)


Hershey's Moma


  1. Super cute snuggly picture!
    And we all have laundry piling up somewhere, I'll never tell where mine is ;)

  2. I agree with Tara...I have 3 loads to do that hehe. I love your jammy pics!

  3. LOVE the snuggle picture! Sometimes everything needs to wait and snuggles need to happen :) Laundry will be there tomorrow! :)

  4. I love your oldest getting on you about your run. That picture is so sweet...can't you just sit like that all day. We absolutely can still be friends since my laundry looks the same way. Hope you found the socks :)

  5. I NEVER catch up on laundry. its never ending... piled somewhere :) Cute pics!

  6. awww. that snuggle pic is precious....rock those flannel pants, friend! <3

  7. 67 degrees is so cold (i'm a wimp).

    thank you for the unfolded laundry.



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