10 on 10 {August}

10 photos over 10 hours capturing the beauty woven through out your day...

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Tomorrow is the last day of football 2 a days for our Freshman. We have made it! Whoot whoot. 
(leftovers from the pulled chicken recipe found here.)
Who knew when I made it on Monday it would work smothered between flour tortillas with cheese and salsa 2 days in a row for lunch! Bonus.
(plain cheese ones for the youngest as he watches us eat he asks, "are they spicy?")
Tea time.
I'm needing a time out and a refresher so I'm on the back porch before I have to run some errands.
My 14 year old spied this in front of the Orthopedic office as we are out running some errands. 
Just for our oldest I'm including it...
he thinks that Ferrari is just lovely. :) And I do too because he does.
Shopping girl.
With absolutely nothing in her bag.( I asked her what was in it.) It is just for fashion.
Hello choppy layers!
We bought some back to school hair styling pomade and it is making his layers really stay put without the [almost] compulsive swing of his hair through out the day.
Packing up.
We are heading to the pool maybe one last time with school starting Monday. 
(I think I've already said that before!)
(skip an hour for travel time while we sit in traffic, drop off oldest at football and head to the pool)
Staying together.
I let them have the full responsibility of staying together for the first time this season. 
It worked nicely and I stayed with our youngest.
Closing time.
Crossing the bridge.
To our surprise we see Papaw and Uncle Joe making their way back to the docks as we cross the bridge heading home for the night.
Of course we stopped the car, rolled down the windows and yelled for their attention.
It worked.

"That was a great day!" our littlest exclaims as we file out of the car this evening. And it was-


Hershey's Moma


  1. I LOVE these posts. What an absolutely beautiful day. You had me at quesadilla and your sweet girl had me at fashion :)

  2. looks like day filled with end-of-the-summer goodness! I couldn't help but gawk at those cool swim bags for a moment (I have a bag fetish. guilty!) and J was sitting next to me and got excited when he saw a pic of a ferrari. lol. thanks for the link, sweet friend!! I had my leftovers in a tortilla today and you are a yummy

  3. great shots! (great haircut too) thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh 14, I know that will be here before I know it. What a fabulous day, oh and I love that just for fashion purse, I have some fashionistas as well :)

  5. What a GREAT set! I want those quesadillas for lunch now. Your DD has great fashion sense. And that boat. Totally awesome!



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