While boating.

I read the boating laws from cover to cover online at the beginning of this summer season.

While we were out boating last Sunday we found ourselves staying out a bit past sundown. My husband asked me, the boating know it all, when he had to go idle speed. "One hour after sunset," was my reply.
We had our lights on and enjoyed a fast boat ride for about 20 minutes after sunset.
As we approached the docks the law enforcement pulled us over.
"Sir, do you know what the speed limit is after sunset?" they questioned my husband.
My husband looks at me then back to the officer as he states,
"my wife says we have until an hour after to sunset until it is idle speed."
"No, it is actually 10 mph at sunset. Sunset was 9:17 tonight..."
I look at my watch and it is 9:45.
My husband gives me a glance as I reach into the envelope for our registration and he pulls out his drivers license from his wallet.
After they do the routine checks (life jacket for everyone on board...)
they say, "really we were just looking to see if you were drunk driving."
(nope, my husband doesn't drink. ever.)
A written warning was given.
Then I questioned them about all of my boating expertise based on what I thought I had read to be the boating laws. Turns out I was wrong on many of them and need to reread the boating laws for our state.
That's where I went wrong. I read the wrong state boating laws.
(as soon as we pulled away from being pulled over our oldest questions me as to just where I received my boating information... "did you read the boating laws from a blog, mom!!")

That's just what I'll be reading up on this weekend.


Hershey's Moma
a link to review boating laws


  1. oh no! haha, did you read the boating laws from a blog! :) happy reading this weekend.....and then happy boating, too, I hope!

  2. We just went boating this weekend & we asked boating officer what it was for Illinois & it is one hr after sunset then u have to idle. I dont know where u live but maybe u read illinois boating laws! Have a great time reading the new boating laws & happy boating!



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