What to do.

When the power goes out.
big mister playing his non electric guitar
Yesterday, the power was out when we woke. (it was out when we went to bed as well) That one change really made a difference in our day. First, as I woke I went straight to the coffee maker. Hmph. Forgot it takes electricity. I threw on my outfit, (from yesterday) and without a stitch of makeup on I went to the garage, hoisted the garage door up and I was off to drive to the McDonald's.
I'm usually always up before the kids and it is my only alone time with Hershey.
As I entered the McDonald's drive through they had a make shift sign that read: cash only... I almost never have cash. Back home I went to the husband's wallet. Got my cash in hand and back to the McDonald's I went. (this time seeing my dad outside and adding another coffee to my list for my mom)
The kids had grand adventures building forts in the basement while I worked in the upstairs until I had sweat streaming down my back. As the sun got higher in the sky our house was 80 degrees, in the shade- by 9:45 a.m. Whew. Our power was back on my 11:00.
The only thing I wish I would have done different-
I wish I would have thought to buy ice to save a portion of our groceries.
They are down by the road for the trash man to pick up tomorrow.
I've never seen our fridge so bare.

What to do.


Hershey's Moma
edited to add: I did stop by the store last night and we have the essentials... eggs, milk, yogurt and juice.


  1. oh no! we were without power for 6 hrs and that seemed like an eternity. great story about the drive to McD's :) !! we are SOO blog friends for a reason

  2. No power in summer can be rough...glad it's back on. Oh how I wish I would wake up before my day I'm hoping. I never have cash either...good thing hubby had some, whew!



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