A way about her.

Oh, my girl-
That's her moma turtle drawing and there is a family of turtles under that drawing ending with a very tiny baby turtle.
Carefully she sews; eyes squinted hands steady trying to pull the string through the material just so.
This day [Saturday] while Daddy is washing the car she has an idea to sew a kite for him.
She chooses the materials, the colors that go together and the placement carefully, all alone.
Her kite is finished before he is so she takes it outside for Daddy to admire and she leaves it beside him.

She has a way-


Hershey's Moma
P.S. Did I ever tell you recently she asked her Daddy if he attended the MEDICAL SCHOOL for the COLOR BLIND? No, I take that back. She didn't question him she said it more like a statement; 
"now, you went to medical school for the color blind."

P.P.S. As she rode her bike behind me as I ran this past Saturday morning, about 1/4th of a mile into the run she mumbles, "is this all you've got?"
About a mile into it, "aww, you've got like sweat pouring down your back."
2 miles later I hear, "don't you wish you had some ice cold water?"
(she was wearing a camel on her back filled with ice water!)


  1. :) too funny!! is that all you've got?! HILARIOUS. she might want to look into personal training in the future :)
    happy tues, friend!

  2. She is so adorable, and funny, and witty. You've got a great motivator on your hands :)



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