The wash.

Last night my husband and I were able to go to dinner alone and have an uninterrupted conversation. Here is one portion of our conversation:

Husband: How did your day go?

Me: Good. We stayed home all day as I promised {big mister} before bed the night before and I got
a lot of laundry done as well as some organizing.

Husband: Laundry? You couldn't have had that  much laundry to do. I did the wash this week. A total of 6 loads-

Me: Yes, and I'm grateful for those {6} loads of wash. I had clean workout clothes each time I went for a run. However, I had to do about 6 more loads today and I'm close to being caught up.

Husband: See. Now isn't that nice.

Me: a smile and a nod with a pause

Me: I worked all day also getting a chocolate stain out of the white slipcover for our couch.

Husband: What did you use?

Me: The peroxide method you taught me.

Husband: I don't think that will work unless you add a little detergent to it...

We talk about the wash on our date nights.
(he's my best friend)


Hershey's Moma

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