Walking in New York

 My 'far away friend,' Jen took the train into New York City yesterday so we could meet for brunch. 
We arranged this all by email and text. (love technology!) As I opened my email that said she would be arriving in Grand Central Station I was super excited and went straight to mapquest to see how far she would be from our Hotel.
 It was a very short distance. I decided to get up first thing in the morning and run in Central Park before she arrived at 10:38. I ran what I thought to be a loop around the park from 8a.m. to 8:40. That would give me plenty of time to walk the 2 miles back to my hotel, shower and change to meet Jen at the train station.  As I came out and onto the street I had actually gone fairly straight on my run and ended at the Northern end making my walk home triple the miles. I walked about 4 and 1/2 miles then hopped in a taxi for the rest. I arrived at Grand Central and found Jen just before 11:00. We had planned previously to walk to our restaurant Norma's found here. What we thought would be a leisurely walk turned into a brisk pace so we might make our 11:45 reservation. Jen asked me what I thought about the city as it's my first time...
 It is much bigger then I thought it would be. The buildings. Huge and everywhere. You don't really see the sky. It is noisy and buzzing with activity at all hours of the day. The people are out and about in crowds walking to where they want to be. It is a city I can't compare to any other city I've been to.
 Of course there are street vendors everywhere. They have as many street vendors as we have 'strip malls'. When we needed an umbrella last night we bought one from a street vendor. 10 bucks.
 A bike ride to where you are going instead of a taxi?? I wasn't expecting at all to see this. These guys are everywhere and almost as frequent as a taxi.
 Here is the guy I was telling you about, Jen.
Yes, people are doing things for money on almost every corner as you get closer to Times Square. In fact this guy saw me pull my camera out and then he turned around as I aimed to take his picture. He was only "allowing" people to take his picture if they put a couple bucks in the bucket. When I saw him touching each person as he posed with them for pictures I decided a picture with him wasn't my thing.
 There are bright lights everywhere on Times Square. Even though these pictures were taken close to 11 p.m. it looks like it is in the middle of the day.
 Jen and I took a taxi back to Grand Central Station after our brunch. After a couple blisters from our walk there and sweat pouring down our back we decided it would be better that way. :)
 And again, Grand Central Station is huge. It is much bigger inside than it appears on the outside.
I said my farewell to Jen and saw her off on the train by 2:40ish.
Then I walked in circles trying to find my way back to the Hotel wishing I could still be walking with my far away friend...


Hershey's Moma
(Jen and I met when our sons were in Kg. together and became fast friends. 
She blogs here at Wanting to be...)


  1. LOVE the way you tell a story! you sure experienced NYC ;) haha, I would've settled for a pic of that guy from behind, too...!!

  2. I agree with Laurie and loved reading as you walked through your NYC experience. I can't believe that guy actually turned his back! Hope your feet have recovered. :) I could have filled the rest of the day walking and talking with you. So thankful for the good gift that God has given me having you as a friend and getting to spend some face to face time on Friday! Hope your transition home goes smoothly!!

  3. For a country bumpkin (as am I), you sure did get around the city pretty well. So glad you were able to meet up with your friend and enjoy some time together. And yes, Times Square does look like the middle of the day even at night.



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