The summer birthdays.

Happy birthday today to my Dad! (Papaw)
We were finally able to coordinate a time to celebrate our last 2 children's birthday's with Nana and Papaw this past Sunday evening. The cakes were selected based on what each of them asked for. Our daughter, white with white frosting was her request. Our youngest son, chocolate. As I brought them home I asked them once again before I put the candles in just which one they wanted to claim as their cake. They flip flopped. (The white one is actually carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, yum!)
After dinner (I made ribs for the first time-) and as I was preparing to light the candles they decided to trade back...
We sang,
they blew out the candles...
and licked them clean. (Daddy bought those candles in Hilton Head as we celebrated there too!)
Packages were opened. Our daughter requested middle brother to read her card to her.

She also needed help by way of a knife to open her package. Our middle son was the quickest one on the draw.
New chocolate flavored bath soap and so forth. (That she has already used and loved!) A tie-dye speedo bathing suit she has also loved as she has worn it to the pool each day this week! (I love it because she completely stands out at the pool making her very easy to find!) And a few other surprises.
Finally, it was big misters turn to open his gift. (A cars pez machine!)
Then it was the big surprise time. Daddy scooped him up (maybe the last birthday we will carry him to his present) close your eyes tight until we say to open!

And it was out front we went to the driveway where Papaw gave him his brand new...
He loved it until the chain fell off and the brakes locked.
We have to exchange it.
(he was a tiny bit downcast and said, "I'm gonna have to wait awhile now to get a new bike again because bikes are a lot of bucks!")

Nope, we assured him. He will get a new one soon. I just can't forget to put it in my car today as I head to town! 
(Because I forgot this past Tuesday.)


Hershey's Moma

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  1. Your little guy's sweet words about the bike makes me want to put it in my car and take it back right now! Now, I'll take a piece of carrot cake please :) Great celebration!



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