If you ever need your 4 year old to take a nap and he is really not even close to giving it up...
Try reading the speech In Praise of the Strenuous Life
that Theodore Roosevelt gave in Chicago in 1899 just a few months after he became governor of 
New York. (It really is one of my favorite speeches and I have it book marked with a yellow post it note!)
But some where along the lines of If you are rich, and are worth your salt, you will teach your sons that though they may have leisure it is not to be spent in idleness; for wisely used leisure merely means that those who possess it, being free from the necessity of working for their livelihood, are all the more bound to carry on some kind of nonremunerative work in science, in letters, in art, in exploration, in historical research-

-Theodore Roosevelt (a sensible man)

As our daughter heard me reading aloud she got up from her chair in Daddy's office and closed the door.
And big mister, he took a much needed 49 minute nap on the couch.

I'm hoping he will be sensible enough to wear short sleeves to church...


Hershey's Moma

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  1. I've never read that...I will have to check it out. Ooh 49 minutes!



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