Last night we were heading out as a family to go to dinner. Our daughter pulled me aside saying, "Moma, can I talk to you for a minute." She really wanted an alone night with me. Just the 2 of us going to dinner alone. (we have most recently called our alone time our 'girly' time) So plans were changed and she and I went to dinner alone. We had to wait about an hour and a half before we were able to be seated  for dinner so we took some time to shop in a favorite boutique. She was 'helping' other ladies shopping; one lady was eyeing the beaded necklaces. As she put her hand on one that was primarly red, our daughter simply stated to her, "that would work for you especially if you have something like a red dress to wear it with." Then as a girl about her age was looking at the MOGO flip flops our daughter said to her in a very helpful voice, "if you want to look at all your options you just pull out this drawer and there are the charms. Do you have a pair of flip flops to put the charms on because if you don't they won't work." Of course she said this all with a smile and had the sales clerks cracking up as well as most all of the shoppers glancing her way with warm smiles. Finally, as we were at the check out counter another little girl in line picked up a stack of stationary. She asked her mom what it was. Our daughter replies, "oh, that is something you can use to write on like maybe if you have a secret or something to write down." The mom smiled and winked at me.   I could see her having her first job in this boutique one day.

We moved on to dinner and half way through our very casual dinner conversation our daughter looks straight at me and says, "so do you have a secret you've never told anybody?" I smile and say, "yes." I look at her and pause. She never takes her eyes off of me as her smile grows across her face she says, "okay, I'll go first if you don't believe me that I have a secret I've never told you!"

Her secrets are safe with me.


Hershey's Moma

P.S. The first thing big mister said to me when he woke, "mom, you should've come to The Crazy Crab, they had hush puppies!" (picture him leaping in his seat on the couch as he says hush puppies) (my husband said big mister ate about 10; he has a new favorite food)


  1. your daughter cracks me up! what a sweet girly time and fun memories <3

  2. I love, love this story!!! I love that she was comfortable enough to tell you she needed time with you, love that you accepted her invitation and all of her sweet words. Priceless. Now I was some hushpuppies :)



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