Recharged and Exhausted

Hilton Head Island, 2011

The first time the kids feet hit the pavement at Hilton Head. They were so so excited!
(they couldn't even make it to our villa to use the facilities)
This year we stayed in Harbour Town. We were just between Harbour Town and South Beach on the golf course. We bike everywhere and found this location to be more central and better to get to each side of the island more effortlessly. (except when we get lost and do a few too many loops)
We spent our days sleeping in with a couple of us up by 8ish, followed by the sleepy heads waking around 9 then we had one sleepy 'fred' that we usually had to wake sometime close to 10 or 11.
Sand castles were built, (on the muggiest day of all) sea shells found, waves jumped and bike rides on the beach at low tide. We could spy the dolphins swimming right next to the shore at low tide also. It is beautiful.
Frisbee could be played in our front yard, the swimming pool was just on the other side of that and bike trails just to the east riding right alongside the golf course. I wasn't sure I would like the golf course view as opposed to the ocean view we've had in years past. Turns out I really loved were we stayed the best this year. (and so did everyone else)
(the bike path was also my running trail) (this is the 17th hole on the Harbour Town Course, our view out the back of the villa was the 15th hole)
Boating/fishing for an afternoon with a guide was the most memorable event for the boys and Daddy.
Taking time to eat lunch in our swim suit cover ups at the Lakehouse Golf Pub. We ate outside and it was relaxing. (plus I loved all the flowers)
I thought about taking the 2 little ones on a pirate cruise geared for their age while the boys were fishing. Seeing the boat was scary enough for them.
Hours upon hours of pool time. (with most of that time having the pool to ourselves!)

I could stay all summer.
And our big mister asked on about the third day in a slightly winey voice,
"why don't we live here?"

Our daughter was the first to respond,
"if we lived here just think, we wouldn't have seasons. We wouldn't have snow. We would miss the snow."

Yes, she is right. We do love our seasons AND our snow.

(a super close second for me is the beach)


Hershey's Moma


  1. Your sweet girl is so wise...I love her. How neat that you got to see favorite. Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation :)

  2. what a sweet time of memories! thanks for sharing



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