Pushing buttons.

[Almost] daily my husband as an Ear Nose and Throat Physician will remove facial skin cancer. Farmers. They are in the sun a lot. And once upon a time [before I had children] I worked in a pediatric dental office as an assistant for a couple years. I saw a lot of neglected teeth in mouths of children.
 So when it comes to teeth and skin care our children don't really stand a chance. They know it.
 We lather on the 'sunscream' [according to our 4 year old] usually 15 minutes before we go outside and again 1/2 way through our time outside. Not even close to over kill when you have skin as fair as ours.
 Our 4 year old differs. Yesterday as we are preparing to go to the pool everyone is getting the sunscreen on. It is the 4 year olds turn and he looks up to me in all seriousness saying, "if you make me wear sunscream I'm not gonna brush my teeth." [trying to push the moma button and it's not working, I don't respond] He thinks and responds, "if you make me wear sunscream I'm not gonna brush my teeth in the morning or the night." "It is your choice. If you want to go to the pool you will wear sunscreen," I say. He gives in. With everyones sunscreen on we head out to the pool. (this is actually his second time to try this attempt and fail at it)
 We have fun the kids swim. I swim. Mostly because I'm completely hot although I knew I would be getting in; our 4 year old is at that I can swim under water like a fish and hold my breath for a really long time and look like I'm never gonna come up for air phase. Dangerous. I'm completely in.
 We get out after the first whistle blow of the day and guess who grabs the sun screen first on his own to reapply? [!]
 Uh, huh. But guess who fell fast asleep after dinner curled up cozy in the chair...
without brushing his teeth before bed? [!]


Hershey's Moma


  1. LOL...I love it! I guess he 1/2 won this battle :) They do learn fast how to push out buttons. My Caleb calls it sunscream too and I adore it and rarely correct him.

  2. I love the way my kids say words wrong, and I never correct them! Looks like a fun day at the pool.



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