Homes on Hilton Head Island. Complete. {week 26}

Happy 4th of July!

I have wanted to take pictures of the homes in Hilton Head each time I have been there. For various reasons I haven't done that. This year I was especially happy to be able to go out one afternoon just with my husband on a long bike ride from one end of the Island to other stopping whenever I wanted with my husband snapping pictures of homes. It really was the highlight of my trip. 
we headed out to the beach and happened upon low tide.
We rode just the 2 of us close to the shore line.
My highlight of our trip
 9 sand dollars washed up on the shore.
(I gave 4 away to a Grandma, her daughter and 2 grandchildren; she just couldn't believe they weren't broken!)
I peddled my bike off of the beach and to the closest bathroom to wrap each one securely in tissue until we rode the 6 miles home.
(I considered walking my bike home so as not to disturb the fragile shells.)

They made it home safely!
Even when I had to peddle extra fast past the alligator-

Enjoy this 4th!


Hershey's Moma


  1. Beautiful homes, but where they are situated is what makes them special! We have friends that vacation at Hilton Head and now seeing your recap, makes me want to add it to our list of places to experience. Glad you didn't get bit by the gator!

  2. ahhhh! alligator :)
    happy 4th of july, friend <3



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