Home again.

2:30 a.m. and we pull in the drive. With the exception of the hour drive at dinner I did so my husband could scarf down his subway sub, my husband did the entire drive. In 16 hours. We were having a competition. I won. For his defense the holiday traffic through the smokey mountains- Horrible. (with a capital H!) Who planned us driving home on a holiday weekend anyway? Either way I made the drive to Hilton Head in 13 hours. We had the stop watch going both ways. No cheating involved. (Sorry sweetie I only went 60ish when you were eating your dinner. I know the speed limit was 70. Mountain driving isn't my forte when the sun is on the horizon.)

The first thing I did when we arrived home. Tend to my flowers.
The second. Move the furniture in my great room.
I had this idea stirring in my head the whole entire trip.  Chronic furniture rearranging. It is a disease.

But the whole idea started with this:
(the villa great room in Hilton Head)
I know the great rooms don't look much the same at all. I loved the layout and function of this room. That was what I was going for- The way the couch was positioned in the room so inviting.
 When the ottomans weren't pulled in front of the t.v. (ahem) the flow through the room was perfect. It was more about the feeling of the furniture lay out then the look of the room. This time.

I guess if I want the kids to hang out with me more I'll need to bring the t.v. back into the great room.

Home again. Now, off to investigate the smell coming from the fridge.


Hershey's Moma

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  1. Chronic furniture arranging...made me laugh out loud!! Looks great. :) So glad you arrived home safely and it looks like you had a great time. Loved all of the pictures capturing your week. Nice work on making such great time on the way there!! :)



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