Double duty. Complete. {week 29}

 On Monday and Tuesday I pulled everything out of my closet getting it back in order... I found 1/2 of my bags still packed from Spring Break and {gulp} Christmas paper still in the corner. Yikes. I only organized my side of the closet because really my husbands side doesn't get that out of hand. After I spent all of the time getting it tidy from top to bottom though he did tidy his side as well. (I love double duty!)
 (I like running shoes. The best. But I only wear them to run. Probably weird but true.)
 Okay, the office! Complete. This was a big one. And I didn't do a single thing. Well except ask my husband if he was thinking about getting his office in order any time soonish and I moved that side table in last week from the great room. I must say I think for a guy he has great organizing skills when it comes to bookshelves.
He told me not to be afraid of the papers he moved out of the office and onto the dining room table. (they had been collecting on his desk, beside his desk, on his chair and I wondered just how long they would stay on the dining room table. (he knows me well) They were sorted through by the end of the night. He has a method to keep his office tidy. Yeah!
 Friday. The kids and I were doing some game time. I wanted to play upstairs instead of in the basement so I brought the card table up. I've decided after having it out to keep it out. We've been using it every day not only to play games- my husband had breakfast there as well one morning.
Moving the card table to the Great Room of course led to my tidying the bookcases right behind the card table, again. The bookcases are like the furniture in the great room. Never really complete and always rearranged. (I really wanted the board games a little lower so the children could reach them without climbing.)

Have a good Tuesday. We are getting in another pool day before next week when football is in full force. (Leah, I didn't forget to get the stuff dropped off to you. I hope to stop by today!)


Hershey's Moma


  1. Wow...you got a lot of stuff done. I love that your hubby went through his papers quickly...he's so wise :)

  2. love that card table! looks like a keeper upstairs to me ;)



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