Country Bumpkins

 22 blocks to dinner last night bumping through the streets of New York as cars were whizzing by us and we were encroaching on the lane clearly marked for them my husband leans over and says, "we really are country bumpkins."
 Yes, with the view ahead being nothing but building with no hopes of seeing a horizon until we leave the city I would have to agree.
 Although I have enjoyed the excitement the change of pace has brought I completely miss blue skies, birds chirping, flowers to water and watch grow, weeds to pull and grass to cut.
 Without even having to say all of those thoughts aloud my husband says next, "I bet the first thing you are going to do when you get home is sit out on the back porch and just listen to the birds."
 He is right, as long as the kids are going to sit back there with me... I do miss them, my little country bumpkins.
 And I'll tell them all of the adventures of the city.

Hershey's Moma

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  1. Excellent pictures!! So glad you guys got to take a ride on the bicycle thing (I am sure there is a much more technical term for it :)). I was noticing on the first picture that they do take credit cards!!! Hope you enjoyed your last night and that dinner was good.



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