And yesterday.

While trying to follow a no screen day here are some things we did:

The game of Life-
(middle son won; I'm sure I was a close second but I had too much money to count!)
Lots of eating/snacking.
(I said if they could make it they could eat it!)
Reading time.
More coloring time.
Paints also at the little side table-
Wrastling. (as my late Grandpa would say)
(Fancy new birthday swim suit from Nana/Papaw on our daughter!)
(Do you see big misters road rash on his elbow; hence the long sleeve shirts all week long in 90plus degree weather! He refuses band-aids of any sort.)
With a made up sprinkler/soccer game of some sort.

and again a new furniture lay out for the great room because I decided to keep the card table up

Then the t.v. did come on for a small portion of the afternoon while I did some bills and phone calling.
our auto insurance is dropping my auto policy something with having to do with to many tickets in the last 2 years...
my agent said he will have something worked out by Monday. 

Have a good Saturday.
I'm going for a 6 mile run; inside while our oldest is at football.
Then it is my husbands pick for the family activity of the day.
He had a lo-ong week-


Hershey's Moma

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  1. So...what did he pick! You guys did great with no TV for most of the brings out such creativity. Not only for the kids but for the parents too. We need to do it more often.



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