10 on 10 {July}

10 pictures over 10 hours on the 10th of the month-  {a link up}

7 a.m. Morning Shadow
I am the first one up woken by a woodpecker pecking at our bedroom window frame.
(I thought it was somebody letting off firecrackers, funny what your first thoughts are as coming to!)
8 a.m. The View
Peeking out my bedroom window at the Blue Heron feasting as I brush my teeth.
(I brush my teeth as soon as I'm done with my coffee, how 'bout you?)
9 a.m. The Horizon
Staying focused on "the red barn" during 3 mile run. Keeping my eyes on the horizon instead of the pavement leads to [better] relaxed neck muscles. (habits)
10 a.m. Third and Final Outfit
"Get on something nice for church" can be interpreted so many different ways.
11 a.m. Go on Ahead
I'll unload the 2 littlest ones from the car seats so you all can make it in on time.
(I sat in the "wiggle room" with the 2 littlest ones)
12 noon Load up the Car
(this is me entering the drivers seat from our 6 year old daughters perspective)
1 p.m. Feeding Time
Peanut Butter and Blueberry Jelly
2 p.m. Preparing the Boat
(it's a hot one today; feels like 100 degrees)
3 p.m. Nana's Front Porch
(our youngest and I stop by for a visit as it was to hot on the boat for the 2 of us and we only did a short ride; Papaw came and took our place on the boat and we drove his car to Nana's)
4 p.m. Straightening
I'm getting the house ready for a visit with the cousins. They just called and will be here close to 5.
(we are excited; they are going to meet the guys at the docks)


Hershey's Moma


  1. I just love your 10 on 10's :) Enjoy your night with the cousins!
    p.s. I've brushed before and after the coffee....depending on when my shower takes place. But I remember Regis and Kelly having this debate a couple years ago and cracking up!

  2. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I especially liked the one from your daughters perspective after church! I'm late to the game, but hoping to join in the fun next month!

  3. Great set. I love your shadow and your daughter's outfit. I also like your daisy canvas. Very pretty.

  4. Looks like a perfect day!! Gorgeous photos and such a happy feel. I like this place! :)

  5. Beautiful set! Love the shadow photo!!

  6. Love the shadow picture!! Awesome day for yall!

  7. Looks like a beautiful Sunday! I especially love the portrait of you with your Bible, and I love your pretty necklace! Enjoy the cousins!

  8. Looks like a fabulous day!
    Your pictures are awesome...I really like the first one!

  9. Getting children dressed for church on Sunday=Challenging!

  10. These are my absolute favorite posts!!! I completely forgot all about it. I typically brush my teeth after breakfast. Having your kids see you with your Bible is such a gift. Hope you had fun with the cousins.

  11. this looks like such a fun link-up! i enjoyed following your day. :)



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