You are caring.

The big catfish our oldest pulled in for his Daddy on Father's Day, 2011.
The mail.
I am the retriever of the mail in our family.
I sort it into stacks.
Bills, throw away, and 'happy' mail.
Of course you know what stack is the smallest and highly unusual to receive-
But today as I brought in the mail and sorted my husband received a 'happy' piece of mail.
 I opened the happy.

Dear Dr.-
Thank you for giving great care... [the nurses in the clinic] are grateful when they get to work with you... your caring and appreciative attitude is such an asset to [our community.] 

This made me smile.
And reminded me of this inspiration:

Make someone smile today.
Show you care.
You won't stop smiling yourself.


Hershey's Moma


  1. I adore mail...I think that's why I love making cards. It means so much to take the time to show you care. How wonderful that someone showed gratefulness to your hubby. Happy mail...I love it!



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