This Washington D.C. trip.

Our oldest and I are in D.C. this week for an 8th grade field trip. Yesterday was our first day to start the touring with approximately 96 students and 49 adults.
 Mt. Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington, was our first stop.
We spent 3 hours touring the grounds.
It was beautiful.
I especially loved the flower gardens.
 George and Martha Washington's House
(currently being renovated)
 The upper flower garden just outside the green house and slaves quarters.

The fruit garden.

Next, we traveled to the WWII Memorial.
The first thing our oldest and I did was pull up our Grandfathers that fought in the war on the computer at the beginning of the memorial.
It is an honor to be able to see where they served among the 16 million who served our country during that war. (over 400,000 gave their lives)

The Memorial.

Our view of the Washington Monument from the WWII Memorial.
Pictures with friends.
(I told them I would make them famous and include them on my blog...)
(aren't they all adorable!)
And then the girls said they had to get a picture of Moma and son. (sweet girls!)
We left the Memorial and traveled on to the Smithsonian's. 
I was sure to make my first stop at the Natural History Museum to see the jewels.
These are each a diamond. The one on the left is before it is cut.
My friend and I did a very pretty Butterfly tour at the Live Butterfly Pavilion. 
(while we couldn't find our boys and they weren't even answering our text messages!)
Shortly after that we found them right next door at the American History Museum.
After having dinner at the mall we finished our day going to the Korean Memorial,
Vietnam Memorial,
The view of the Washington Monument from the Vietnam Memorial

 and the Lincoln Memorial.

What a lot to fit in!
Today will be just as full-


Hershey's Moma


  1. I have only been to DC once and posts like this always make me want to go back. I'll probably take the kids when they are older. Looks like you are having a great time with your oldest :)

  2. what wonderful memories being made with your oldest! have a super time on your trip and keep those pics coming :)

  3. So fun!!! What a great picture of the two of you. Hope you are still having a great time and making lots of memories.



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