That's me.

I went to T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago now. I was on the hunt for a new rug for our Great Room. While I was there I purchased the rug. I found something else. I gasped when I saw it but I was conflicted as to why I loved it. However, it was something I loved but before I bought it I wanted to work through the why I had to have it. I 'hid' it as best as I could and went home to think on it. I really didn't know why I had to have that item. It was girly. Other then the colors that were in it it really didn't go with our house. Do I buy it just because I love it and would love looking at it. Or do I pass it by only as a memory of that T.J. Maxx purchase I saw one day and it was gone when I went back for it...

I slept on it. I woke wondering if my husband would like it. I spoke nothing of it to him though. I still needed time to process. I found myself needing to run to our oldest ones school to pick up his books from his locker as he was home sick. As soon as I was done I had just enough time to go into T.J. Maxx close by his school before I had to pick up the 2 middle ones from school. I walked in wondering if it was still there. I was going to buy it just to let it sit in my house for a day to see if I still loved it. As I approached I told myself I was certain it wasn't still there all the time wondering just why I loved it so much. I glanced on the shelf towards the back were I had put it and with one glance thought it was gone. I moved some items and there it was. I was taking it home. I carried it to the front of the store where I stood with it in the wrap around aisle heading towards check out. The line was long and I found my mind thinking about our house fire as a girl. Why am I thinking about that? I tried to push the memory aside. Then I thought I love this so much if my house caught on fire surely it would be one of the first items I would grab. Again, I tried to shake that thought. I really didn't want to be that attached to it. As a person that has survived a house fire my thoughts I understand.  I get it how temporary our things are...
After arriving home I was giddy as I placed the new purchase in the hall leading into our Master bedroom. I called my mom and told her to come take a look at what I just bought. I wondered if she and my husband were going to love it as much as I did...

They did and I do. It is here to stay.
It's me. I had to have it.
(My prom dress was pink and full looking just like that picture. My dress was ruined in the fire just a week after prom. The black dress in the picture represents that...)


Hershey's Moma


  1. wow. your words on this post captivated me til the end......well written and awesome pic! a keeper for sure :)



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