Summer Sand

A portion of this [cold] summer evening big mister spent some time wading in the baby pool.

After he spent an hour playing in the sandbox he was covered in sand. I turned my back for just a few seconds and when I turned back around this was his solution for getting the sand off of his clothes and arms...
 (don't look now Daddy!)
He also had a solution for rinsing the sand from his mouth.


Hershey's Moma

P.S. I only had to tell the 2 little girls twice not to throw sand. "Throwing sand is not acceptable. Does the sand box need to be in time out?" I look long at the unattended [probably 3 year old] girls who then look at each other and giggle. Then they look back at me and see I'm not smiling. One little girl says to the other, it's not funny. "No, throwing sand is not funny. Find another way to play with the sand," I reason with them. The 2 girls and my son start to place the sand in buckets. "Nice, that is a very acceptable way to play with the sand, the sand won't have to go in time out now. I knew you all could play nicely with the sand." The girls look at each other and giggle again. I smile this time then I turn my back. After they all play nicely for a long while I see the sand start to fly again. This time a Father has been sitting watching and doesn't say anything. I start my mommy speech. When I'm done I look at the Father and he smiles big. I ask him if those are his girls. "No, I just didn't know if it would be appropriate to correct someones child." 
(Hello, am I the only parent left in the world that cares about helping children learn how to play nice?!)


  1. someone's gotta do the correcting! you go, girl <3

  2. Good for you!!! You aren't alone. I do it too. I saw another lady do it as well a couple nights ago. We are out there but I think the majority of folks are too worried they'll step on toes.

  3. We are rare I must say. There's a way to correct that is still out of love and respect and people don't understand that. Good for you for stepping up.



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