Summer outfits. Complete. {week 25}

The ultimate treehouse. Wish this was in our backyard.
Last week was the week to finally decided who needed what when it came to their summer attire.
It worked out that our middle son needed the most.
I usually keep the boy clothes from our oldest to hand down but for whatever reason there
was not a box of size 8 to be found-
 I made a list for each child and crossed off items each time I was out.
(usually shopping alone or with one child to make it easier/faster)
I bring the items home, the kids try them on, I exchange them at the store if they don't work.
(I only had to make 2 exchanges!)
The list was complete by the end of the week.
And my husband asked what I bought for him-
Nothing but a new flavor of coffee.
He likes it.
(but he really does need to get to the store for some summer clothes!)


Hershey's Moma


  1. Yeah to you for the complete! My Caleb could use a few items. Your husband's comment made me laugh. What flavor? And you have on one of the cute watches that I want.

  2. Yes, do tell what flavor! I bought husband some shirts and socks and things at mid-spring. I need some stuff though!

  3. I found the coffee at Whole Foods.
    LavAzza Caffe Espresso; it is in a black can with "Italy's Favorite Coffee" written on the front.



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