Settling in.

Hello there!
We just pulled in from our D.C. trip [some] (pictures found here) and look what was greeting me in my front flower bed...
The car is unloaded, the 2 middle ones are playing basketball with Daddy. Our oldest is settling in while I can hear our littlest tinkering with the kitchen toys in the basement. (Hershey is barking out back.)
And the laundry is just where I left it.

Settling in.


Hershey's Moma


  1. welcome back to (reality!) your blessed life. I'm glad you like laundry more than me :) have a super day settling back into life, friend!

  2. Thank you for the friendly welcome back... :)

  3. Of course the laundry is as it was. ;o)
    My standards for husbands doing the "mom" job is fairly low. Bless their hearts. I couldn't do my husband's job, if the roles were reversed. I guess I shouldn't expect him to do mine. We as wives and mothers have a really detailed job. It's hard to do it all. They just can't. :o)
    The dishes were probably sorta done...but at least the house was still standing, the dog was still alive and you were welcomed back. Those things are wonderful!!!!



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