It's close to 2 o'clock and I'm just finishing up bathing the littlest one. Usually my morning doesn't take this long. I'm trying to talk him into wearing his shorts today. He still isn't having it. Change. It does come more easily for some then others.
"Is this a jammie day?" he asks. I know his voice grew up a bit while I was gone. "No, not a jammie day, it is too hot, it is a short day." I respond. He sighs and tucks into me a little bit tighter. We sit on the front porch contemplating our day each in our own way.  His whiney voice turns on as he says, "I wanted it to be a long day not a short day."

Yes, me too.
I've stayed home the morning long 
(with the exception of taking our oldest to football bright and early while the 3 youngest ones slept in)
 to pull the house together, unload the suitcases, start some laundry and feed the children cereal followed by leftover mezzalunas' from our dinner out last night.

It has been resloved now-

I'm not going to get everything done that I wanted to today. 

  Littlest mister is dressed.
We settled on pants paired with a short sleeve. 

I need to call my hairdresser to reschedule that appointment I missed while in D.C.
(can you tell?)


Hershey's Moma

P.S. The complete post will be up tomorrow including more D.C. pictures.

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