Planning with Pinterest. Complete. {week 24}

2 birthdays and Father's Day.

With our last 2 children being born 3 days apart (our youngest was due on our daughters second birthday) and Father's Day coming in between those birthdays I spent a lot of time perusing Pinterest this past week for party ideas. I did so much looking around that I decided to create my own space there to store all of the ideas I came across that I love. (Pinterest is a picture organizing dream!)

Here is what I came up with for our big mister for his birthday cake idea via Pinterest.

Ours as decorated by our daughter.
We decided we should use the candles for the antenna.
After dinner when it was time to put the candles in and sing "Happy Birthday"
 I realized we were out of candles. 
(my husband turned 40 about 3 weeks ago now and I had forgotten I had used them all!)
Our neighbors right next door had 4 candles. Whew-
Love having good neighbors!

Next up a Father's Day idea.
My friend Heidi, found here, had a sweet idea on her blog.
Again, via Pinterest.

I had each of our children fill it out separately.
I was in full teacher mode.
Shhh. Do your own work. No discussing the answers. Come up with your own answers.
And the best one-
There is no wrong answer!
Oh, the answers were adorable!
I'll give you my top 3 favorite funny ones-

I'm just like my dad because I walk slow.
He loves to wash his car.
My Daddy is really good at watching movies.

And my top 3 favorite sweet ones-
My Daddy is really good at being an E.N.T.
He loves to play with me.
What I love most about my Daddy is he is nice.

Lastly, plans are being completed for our daughters birthday.
(it's tomorrow and she will be 6!)

Have a good Monday!


Hershey's Moma

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  1. very fun finds! that fathers day project was such a hoot, wasn't it? :) loved reading your favorites - the 'walking slow' cracked me up! :)




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