Laundry; random, I know.

I pride myself in my laundry turn around time-
 Up until yesterday it had been 12 days since I had done a load of whites for my husband. He came to me Sunday letting me know he was down to one undershirt clean. How can this be, I thought to myself. I just did the whites. I remembered back to folding and stacking his undershirts nicely on the couch. I even remembered not letting them sit there for longer than a day-
 I knew they were someplace. The laundry was done. I had been staying on top of it. They must have gotten put away in our oldest sons room. I hurried down and went through his stack of undershirts. Nope, not one of his turned up as Daddy's. Weird.
I think to look through any baskets laying around full of laundry to be put away. There were 3. It took close to an hour but I emptied every single basket to the bottom. Only one white undershirt to be found. (that got me through Monday!)
 I know I've been up to my ears in laundry more then ever before with swimming, baseball and football. This is the first sporting season that I've had three children in sports at one time. But still to not know where the undershirts went. [?]
 I checked the last place I ever thought they would be. Our master closet laundry bucket. There they were.
But how do I know it had been 12 days since I'd done that last load?
I really don't remember why but I took a picture of it. My camera dates the pictures. The proof that there they are all stacked ready to be put away front and center; from 12 days ago.  As I looked at the picture I remembered that was indeed the last time I did the whites for my husband. 
(the whites are the only laundry I do for my husband)

My laundry turn around time needs to improve or I'm fired.


Hershey's Moma

P.S. Pictures from the swim meet last night. Our daughter swims at the very beginning of the meet and about 2 hours later our middle one starts his portion of the meet. It wasn't quite the 'crazy fun' as it was last week but it was fun! (there were storms so we had to swim inside)


  1. I loved reading this :) I will say if laundry was the deciding factor we'd all be fired!

  2. Your husband does most of his own laundry??? Give him a big hug!

  3. hilarious. random indeed, and I love random! fun pics of the swim meet. if 12 days is what it takes to get fired, sign me up!! ;)



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