Father's Day, 2011

Our neighbor across the lake just pulled his boat out. Looks like he went out alone for his Father's Day-

We spent the morning with the rain coming down in buckets.
Our plans were to go to church services, lunch out (Buca Di Beppo's) and then on to boating.
As we pulled in from church and lunch the skies started to clear enough that we thought we could pull the boat out.
We looked at the temperature though and it was only 73 degrees.
Last weekend this led to shivering cold kids that wouldn't come out of the cuddy for the last portion of our boating.
(not all that bad)
However, the kids unanimously agreed it was too cold to go boating today with their remembrance of last weekend.

My husband said he didn't mind staying in and relaxing at all today after all.

Happy Father's Day!


Hershey's Moma

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