A desk for me. Complete. {week 23}

In our dining room.
 My bff and I spent [I think] about an hour on the phone a few weeks ago now talking about where in my house I could put a desk for me. We didn't really come up with any solutions. It wasn't until last week when my mom called me from T.J. Maxx saying, "there is a beautiful desk here I think you will love. Do you want me to bring it home?" She did. When I saw it I knew my desk would go in the dining room.
 I love how it fits just right on that wall closest to the window. Now I can do paperwork as the littles play on the driveway-
 It came with a lock and key! Very useful. Except littlest miss has already figured out how to unlock it. Guess I need to find a good hiding spot that I won't forget where the key is. :)

Have a happy Monday.
It is gray skies here. 
And cold. (for June!)


Hershey's Moma


  1. It looks like you found the perfect spot. I also love the chair that you have with it.

  2. I LOVE it!! I especially Love the key too!! =) I bought a desk kinda like that years ago... and I had to part with it in our last home... it just didn't fit.... it was so sad!! Last summer I bought a tiny little desk I need to paint and find a corner for... oh... fun... summer project that I didn't do last year... snicker snicker!

    ps my lilacs are more than 5 years old (they were that when I bought them.. a few years ago) anyway... they don't bloom very much yet either!! I even have one that was a shoot from 10 years ago... it has finally grown into a bush... but it hardly flowers.. =( I guess they need 5 more years! oh well...



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