Crazy fun.

Last night was the first swim meet of the season for our middle 2. (swim meets are kind of crazy; just what a 3 year old loves!)
 Our oldest was at football practice so he missed it all. Our littlest was very excited to be joining in the fun of the evening. The kids sat together waiting and got their team 'hands' on-
 (swim meets have a lot of waiting involved)
Then it is line up behind all of the other kids trying to see the small print out of just what you are participating in. I ran out of time to help our middle son do this and left him at the table to figure it out while our daughter was in the first group of swimmers to go.
 She did better than we all anticipated and finished her race.
(although she told me as soon as she was done she thought about not finishing)
(in her age group they tell the kids to swim as far as they can and then stop)
Notice what our middle son participated in:
heat 1 finals lane 4 freestyle
heat 2 lane 2 breath stroke (otherwise known as breast stroke)
heat 1 100 yard relay lane 2
(writing everything on his arm is what he was doing as I was watching our daughter swim)
 Then as soon as she was done it was all fun and games for her and littlest mister.
The no running at the pool thing kind of went out the window. (for all the little ones there) But what else are the little ones to do as they wait hours for their sibling to race?! Yes, kind of crazy.
 He was proud to finish second each time.
(I bribed them to sit still for the last hour with cherry slushies!)
(I told them if they didn't sit still I would drink the rest of their drink. It worked very nicely!)

I'm sure if you would ask the kids how it was they would reply,
crazy fun.


Hershey's Moma


  1. well, that certainly looks like some crazy fun to me! cherry slushies are the best :)

  2. We all need a little crazy fun every now and then.



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