10 on 10 {June 2011}

[10 photos over 10 hours on the 10th of the month]

A link up. {found here} 

[8ish] Rise and shine! Although it is overcast today and looks as if it could rain we are still heading to swim team practice with our middle two.

[9ish] Our middle son is the first one in the pool. It is 72 degrees outside right now. He is going to be shivering cold when he gets out! 
[10ish] We were all so intent watching brother do his laps we missed sisters start of practice by about 5 minutes. It wasn't until I heard her swim coach in the distance that I realized we missed the start. (can you see sister pointing and doing a little coaching of her own?!)
[11ish] Two hours into the practice littlest mister starts to get bored. So we discuss his current boo-boo on his elbow. See mom, it's almost healed.
[12ish] Just pulling up to a football camp that our oldest is volunteering in. Two minutes late. Sorry. That's the best I could do with having left swim practice a little after 11.
[1ish] Our oldest showing the younger boys how to receive in football. 
[2ish] Home and a snack. (my favorite and I went on the back porch so I wouldn't have to share!)
[3ish] I thought about watering the flowers and then I got side tracked.
[4ish] Maybe I'll water the flowers now as our daughter sits on the driveway in the shade and paints.
[5ish]Took Hershey on a walk with our oldest leading on his skateboard and the littlest with me in the stroller. Ended our walk with a broken leash chasing Hershey until our oldest caught him...

Hope you've had a wonderful day!


Hershey's Moma


  1. looks like a fun day! sometimes a mom's just got to hide out where she finds a place and indulge in her fav snack--you go, girl! ;)

  2. Sister has a super cute bathing suit, sigh, I just love polka dots! I love sneaking off so I don't have to share. Sometimes you just need something all to yourself so you can keep on giving all of you :)

  3. Fun day! We all need a little private snack once in awhile. Happy Ten!

  4. I love the sidewalk painting. Very cool!

  5. That ice cream looks yummy - I love anything coconut! My favorite is the shot of them by the pool with your toes on the edge!

  6. Such a beautiful summer day - wonderful love with those puppy eyes.

  7. Thanks for stopping by!

    looks like a busy, busy day!

    I often have to tell my kids sorry you are late, but its hard to juggle everything and get there on time!

    Love the watering can!

  8. I adore these posts. I can't wait for the next one that falls on a weekend or a day off for me. I giggled about going outside so you wouldn't have to share because I do that too. Love the flowers...bought an arrangement similar just today. What are the purple flowers? Glad the boo boo is healed :)

  9. Really lovely set! I love the warm feeling they have. Coconut ice cream - yum!

    Thanks for looking at mine too.

  10. Love your pool pix. Looks like you've got quite the fish on your hands. :)



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