While you were gone. Complete. {week 19}

The oldest ones closet...

While our oldest was away each day last week going to school,
I worked on his room.
This was a project!
He had shared his room up until [I think] about 2 years ago now.
His closet still held items that didn't belong to him.
I took everything out, moved the shelves and adjusted the hanging bars.
Then it was time to organize his room-

He has had a queen bed for a little over a year now.
When he and my husband put it together I wasn't home.
Because they had zero input from me, they decided it would work best in front of his window.
I love his window but with his gorgeous view out to the water being obscured 
by the bed I had to move it. 
The bed is now in a position that as you walk in his bedroom it is on the opposite wall of the door.

Next, he needed an 'entertainment' spot.
Currently, his desk was that spot.
That wasn't working for me either.
I borrowed a set of shelves from the garage and now he can have 
a cleared desk area to work on and an entertainment area in his room.

He really likes his room arranged this way.
I like it too.
The only little problem we had was when his headphones came up missing this weekend...
I was the one to blame as I had been meddling in his room all week while he was gone.
After he searched for awhile and I reiterated to him I never moved them. IN fact I never even saw them as I was in your room...
It was Daddy who overheard us and said, 
"they are hanging in the work out room on the wall!"

While you were gone. Complete.


Hershey's Moma

P.S. Our oldest is home sick today... maybe because he played out in the rain for an hour and a half on Saturday night at the after party? He has a fever and sore throat. I completely think one can get sick playing out in the rain when it is only 60 degrees out. Just saying.


  1. Oh no! The two youngest are sick, are they? It was warmer when we let them play in the rain. :-(

  2. I knew you didn't do it! Cleaning out feels so good...I need to do it more often. I'm sorry your oldest is sick and hope he feels better soon. I was sick all fun.

  3. Heather, the 2 youngest ones aren't sick. I know it wasn't 60 when they were out having fun with you all... ;)

  4. when they're gone....that's the best time to organize for sure! ;) hope he's better by now (tuesday)



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