Too short.

These 2 boys...
Are sharing a room now.
Three days into to it and the effort I took making it happen has indeed payed off-
It didn't come easily but it had to happen.
And now, they are closer and better for it.
3 days later I'm anticipating a few years of togetherness.
Then it will be as it was/is for our oldest-
The pulling away.
As I drove home from picking up our oldest from a day away with his choir group at King's Island theme park late last night, 
we talked about it.
 (the pulling away, although he wouldn't really call it that.)
Dawson and I use to be really close, we still are really, it's just that I'm never around.
Summer is coming. There will be togetherness but it does seem even that time is going to be too short-


Hershey's Moma

[photo taken by my husband this morning on our back porch with his phone]

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  1. So bitter sweet. Here's to squeezing in some togetherness :)



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