Study break.

I misspoke yesterday and called his 8th grade finals, boards.
Finals week and we come into his bedroom for bed time prayers and tucking in close to 10 p.m.
He is laying there looking like his Daddy studying with his 3 ring binder opened to all of his
collected tests from this semester with the t.v playing a DVD of Star Trek...
Just like his Daddy staying up to study most nights from somewhere between 10:30 and 11:30.
Our firstborn.
He did this studying 'thing' as a newborn.  
He was a night owl.
I had to get my sleep.
Daddy would prop him up on his lap with his own tests collected from medical school
 in his 3 ring binders.
Our oldest would be lulled to sleep [sometimes] as Daddy read aloud and/or quizzed himself and other times he wouldn't.
Those other times sleep would come as Daddy would have a study break. Each night the t.v. came on at 11:30 to watch Star Trek. Daddy would move to the rocking chair then off he would go.

Daddy went by his bedroom door last night at 11:30. He heard the t.v. on with Star Trek playing.
Study break.

Hershey's Moma

[photo taken by my husband]

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