Spring Soccer

 It has proved to be a very wet sport this spring. Most of the practices were rained out. A few of the games were too.
 The games that we did get in were wet, slippery and muddy.
 They each (our middle son and daughter) still enjoyed themselves.
 And I had a lot of extra laundry-
 Our son enjoyed playing goalie each and every game.
 This season was his first time to play soccer and he really enjoyed it. (although he really does enjoy baseball more he found out!)
Today will be the same as the last 5 weekends-
Wet and fun.
 (with a closing party/cookout)
The kids are looking forward to what kind of trophies they will receive!


Hershey's Moma


  1. We're pretty dry here today which is nice. Look at your baby girl in the shirt...too cute. Hope you enjoy this wonderful Saturday!

  2. neat pics! that first one where you captured the water is really, really cool. sounds like a fun weekend ahead.....topped with trophies (such a bonus!) <3



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