The rugs. Complete. {week 20}

The rugs.
It all started with this room.
While I love the rug that once was in the Great Room I really thought the colors worked best in my bedroom.
So when I found this rug early last week I brought it home...
I took the current rug from the Great Room and placed it under the couch in our Master Bedroom.
Hello there my middle son who just woke up! He is coming in to ask for a piece of birthday cake for breakfast!
 I pulled our comforter onto the ottoman to hide the piles of laundry to be folded to show you how that rug pulls all of the colors out of the comforter...

Then I moved that rug that had been in the Master into the entry.
Finally I placed the entry rug in the kitchen right in front of the sink...
I love how they all work in the different rooms!
(pulling it all together, slowly)
Hope you have a good Monday-
Hershey's Moma


  1. Love the rugs!!! Don't you just love how they pull the room together??

  2. I LOVE taking things from one room and moving them to another--feels so new AND it's so frugal :) your rugs look great in their new rooms!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful! I LOVE the blue rug. I think taking your time to get things pulled together is wise. Not only financially but it gives you time to savor where things belong in the house. I hope you know that when I mentioned my designer living room in the apartment I was kidding!

  4. You are so funny covering the laundry. I know that is has to feel good to get all of these completes done. Way to go!



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