Rite of Passage

Tonight we celebrate the ending of our oldest ones middle school and elementary school years...
The school holds a "rite of passage" ceremony to celebrate the years gone by and to 
welcome them into the years ahead for High School.
It is a big deal. One that I've had mixed emotions about for a couple of weeks now as we have anticipated this for our oldest.
The students (and parents) were asked to submit a baby photo for the ceremony...
Happy, happy baby.
Looking dapper in his first Easter outfit. He had just turned one-
I picked out his outfit. I remember the store, the sales people, his reaction when we dressed him. 
The sweater came with a hat. He loved it! He was prancing around the store. 
The ladies were all saying, "you have to take him for a picture in that outfit."
14 years old now.
He picked out his suit all by himself. Every bit of it.
Just another 'rite of passage.'
His friend was over last night as he tried it on. He was every bit of encouraging as those sales ladies were years ago now. "A white tux! That is sharp... with white [patent] leather shoes. Don't you wish you could wear those to school every day! You know you would if you could."
And it was me saying, "we have to get a picture of you, you look so nice, come on... I want a picture."
I helped him put on his tie. Then out to the back porch we went as we all did the ooo's and ahh's.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Very handsome...what a big moment.

  2. Very handsome and great tux choice. Love the baby picture too! Hope you had a wonderful night celebrating this big transition and enjoyed reflecting on his growing up years and anticipating his upcoming years.



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