Dirt I'm okay with.

On the outside looking in.
That window is the hardest window to clean.
Unfortunately it is our largest picture window in the house.
In the Great Room.
The dilemma is we look out of that window a lot.
The other dilemma?
When we clean it squeaky clean, the birds fly right into it.
Not a pretty sight...
It rattles me every time.
There are some things you just never get 'use' to and-
there is always  a first time for everything,
I really didn't think this would ever happen-
A bird flew right into my windshield yesterday morning on the way to school.
The windshield was squeaky clean before the bird hit it.
NOT only did it fly into the windshield but it got stuck in the wiper blade.
How does that happen?
I cried. I screamed. Or maybe I screamed then cried.
[our daughter says I always scream when I see things like birds flying into windows!]
I was so so glad my husband was traveling with us.
So glad.
The littlest mister said,
"see, I told ya we shouldn't have gone to school today!"
[he wanted to stay in and play the day away with the children instead of being home alone with me]

Once again, I've decided to keep the picture window dirty.


Hershey's Moma


  1. Laurie, I don't know what was up with the comment section today. It is working now, sorry... ;)



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