The Kindergarten Girl

Today is the end of the year Kindergarten program for our daughter...
My thoughts. This year went incredibly fast. I would do it all over again! Her teacher was wonderful. She started the year really really wanting to 'do' school. She ended the year really really wanting to be done with school. Isn't that just normal. She was in 2 full days of Kindergarten and would come home on those days exhausted! She would usually sleep in until 9ish the following day. Here is a sample of a portion of the program I know we will see. Our daughter says the children will be singing this poem. She choose to only recite it for me without the singing-

The Four Seasons by Anonymous
(imagine her voice all sing songy!)

Spring is showery, flowery, bowery

Summer is hoppy, choppy, poppy
Autumn is wheezy, sneezy, freezy
Winter is slippy, drippy, nippy

Glue, her favorite school supply.
Learning her letter sounds. Not a problem!
"G for God..."
 Her teacher and friends at Christmas. The class roster changed a bit after Christmas-
 Kindergarten proved to be the year she learned the 'fake' smile.
 She has gone from an assortment of colors to one solid color this year on her nails and she stays in the lines a little better. 
 OH, the bangs. I will never forget the bangs.
Walking out to wait for the afternoon pick up last week.
Home from school this past Tuesday. I had ran errands with the littlest mister for much of the day as she was at school. (something she has not really approved of at all this year... she likes to shop!) She tore though our bags when I unloaded them from the car. When she found the gum balls she arranged them herself in the jar. That made her feel better about the whole mom goes shopping without me while I'm away at school incident. 

I love this girl!

Hershey's Moma



  1. awww. where does the time go, my friend? such sweet memories to treasure forever :)
    p.s. caleb has the same reaction to my shopping while he's at half day 4k. total devastation the first time it happened! lol happy thursday to you

  2. My girl freaks if I go shopping without her too!



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