The flowers. Complete. {week 18}

It feels that we are getting our flowers in a little later this year. Our spring weather has been cold. But as I looked back I am actually getting the flowers in a week early! Enjoy...
As my husband said yesterday, "You can never have too many flowers!"
 The front porch pots.

My favorite annual; cosmos.
 I moved the huge heavy rock from this area and pulled out a bush to be able to have this spot for impatiens this year. I love a larger area of impatiens because they really fill in and grow tall. (depending on how often they get watered!)
 Sprinkled here and there throughout the mulch beds.
The Flower Boxes
Snapdragons are along the borders of each bed. Again, I can't wait until they fill in.

The back porch.



Hershey's Moma

A look back at the flowers from last year, here.


  1. I love, love, love all your arrangements! So much fun!

  2. Love all your flowers! We are just starting to get our pots going. We need to put beds in our backyard. I can't wait to get them going!

  3. Beautiful flowers!! A couple more weeks and we will be putting ours in. Not quite as warm here, but should be soon.



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