A flood of relief.

 By sunset last night we knew our night was going to be full of storms. We pulled the bikes into the garage, put the trashcans away, basketball goals down and rolled away on top of the bikes in the garage...
Everything secure.
Daddy always unplugs the electronics, brings the laptops downstairs and the camera.
always bring shoes down for everyone.
(when we had our house fire as a girl growing up, I remember we left the house without shoes-)
We got the usual phone call from Nana making sure we were going to seek shelter-
We camped out in the basement after I got all of the children to fall asleep in their own beds.
(it is easier to transfer them to our 'safe spot' after they are asleep, 
they just get too excited to fall asleep otherwise)
Our oldest stayed in his room as it is already tucked away in the back corner of the basement.
I tried to leave his door open in case at the last minute I could call for him to come join us.
He got up and closed it.
He said the t.v. was keeping him awake.
(we had it on the news channel tracking the storm)
By 10:15 ish the sirens were wailing and by 1:30 a.m. it was over. 
The extent of our damage; the petals [mostly] blown off of the geraniums.
And some crabby parents and children that didn't sleep well.
A flood of relief.

Sometimes it helps to paint a picture about the storms.
The wind, the 'possible' funnel cloud spotting, lighting...

Today was the last day of school for the 2 middle children.
(tomorrow for our oldest)
As I picked up our daughters folder from art class the art teacher had 'heard' she wouldn't be coming back next year but she was sure to tell me she hoped our daughter would continue on in Art classes of some sort.
I assured her she would... she does art every-single-day.
Since I've moved the littlest one out of her room I set up a little art station for her in her room.
It is one of the best ideas I've had for her to date!

After the storms last night, I decided to let the 2 middle ones sleep in.
They were up and ready to go for the very end of the 1/2 day.
Our middle son was most concerned about turning in his final papers.
I texted his teacher letting her know the plans and she wanted him to be there by 11 to take his final math assessment.
He was there and he turned in his homework.
Here is one we didn't get turned in-
(I thought the email said this was for our records, our son thought his teacher wanted it for her records; I kept it-)

3rd Grade Favorites by our middle son
(copied by me)
My favorite book that I read was Benjamin Franklin
My favorite book that was read to me was A Long Way From Chicago 
[by Richard Peck, one of my favorite read aloud as well especially for boys!]
My favorite person in history is Danica Patrick
The thing that I learned that I didn't know before is long division.
My favorite activity is baseball.
My favorite food is salmon.

The all school picnic lunch and field day was rained out.
I decided to pick up our oldest and have our own 'picnic' lunch right inside Steak-n-Shake.
As I sat dry inside the restaurant with the children assembling hats and cars
 I had a flood of relief wash over me...
School is out again for the summer.
A much needed break!


Hershey's Moma

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