The Farm

"It is never to late to be who you might have been." George Eliot

Our oldest with his turkey!
We are not a hunting family. We have never been. 
Until this past weekend when our oldest and Daddy went to the farm-

Our oldest has a friend that likes to hunt. 
(same family we spent a portion of our spring break with skiing) 
They became fast friends in the 6th grade two years ago now. His family has a farm almost 2 hours from our house that our oldest has frequented mainly to go 4 wheeling and fishing. 
 Once our oldest expressed an interest in hunting 
they invited him to the farm for just that.  
Imagine his excitement as he got his first bird.
They were day 2 into the hunt.
The first day they sat for 8 hours and never saw a bird. Never. 
(but they did take a few naps in between so who knows!)
The second day came...
5 hours of sitting, calling and waiting.
They were just about to call it a day-
(doesn't that make for a great hunting story)
When our friends father did the best turkey call of the day!
The turkey came.
Our oldest was very excited and called me right away!
They brought home the tail feathers for mounting
and the meat for eating.
I put the meat in this marinade.
Placed it in the fridge all night and 
we had it for dinner last night.
It really was good. It was very moist.
Our middle son ate it like I've never seen him eat before!
The turkey served alongside asparagus,with macaroni and cheese.
(our oldest wished we had it with mashed potatoes!)
I'm glad they liked the hunting.
(but I was kinda wishing they wouldn't!)
Who knows what this will lead to-


Hershey's Moma

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  1. what a fun experience for the guys! and that asparagus looks great :) I'm WAY behind in the blogging world....just checking in today. LOVE the new header, friend! <3



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