The duct tape. Complete. {week 17}

The school children are entering that time of year. From now until the end it is slow going. We just want to be done. We have committed to finishing strong. To aid in the process this week of getting things done we got a little crafty...
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His wallet.
On Monday we loaded up and went to the Wal-mart. I allowed the children to pick out any assortment of duct tape that they wanted. I didn't really know what we were going to make. They were told we were going to make something. Something personal for each of them. I didn't grab a cart because that really is all we were there for. Once they each decided on just what they wanted, 5 rolls for our middle son which meant to be fair our daughter also picked 5, and the littlest had 3 rolls, it was then that I wished we had a cart! We made it to the check out with the duct tape rolls stacked to our chins. (and I was carrying littlest mister on my hip!)
Our daughter's lunch bag.
Once we were home I googled something like, 'duct tape bags and wallets'. That gave me an assortment of ideas... We I immediately started measuring strips of duct tape to try to make into something while the kids sat at the table coloring and watching me... wondering when it was all going to be done.
That's a bottle cap with a magnet glued to the back for the closure.
It took much longer than I thought. And by the time the lunch box (for our daughter, all colors picked by her) and the wallet (for our son, also all colors picked by him) were done- it was Thursday for the wallet and Friday for the lunch bag.
The principal Daddy asked her to write out her alphabet a through z so he could have a better understanding of her kindergarten abilities. She paused then wrote A dot dot dot Z. Evaluation over.
The kids were able to get through the week of school somewhat easier. We didn't even have a single tear shed regarding school work last week. (completely lovely by my standards!)
(but I'm not doing that again!)

Don't ask for a tutorial. I completely winged it. They were created as I went. And I really wouldn't want to teach anyone how to do it. It is a very sticky process.

Do you all have any advice for how you finish strong. (we have 4 more weeks!)


Hershey's Moma

P.S. Littlest mister was very satisfied with his duct tape 'ball'. I didn't get a picture-


  1. cute. we are ready to be finished also. and it's just preschool...

  2. How fun! And what a great way to break up the week, we're having that same struggle around here too. I promised my kids a day off Wednesday if they could get through the end of last week and today and tomorrow with a good attitude. It's been tough going, to be honest. But I think we'll make it. It's so hard to be motivated to do school when the weather is nice!



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